A partnership to ramp up your innovation activity

We feel privileged to partner with many of the world’s leading companies in their journey to establish and expand their innovation capabilities and across the venture-building lifecycle.
Partner with us
We build together in multiple ways
Innovation structures
We help new or nascent teams lay the foundation for highly effective innovation and venture practices
Venture funnel
We help develop and run all phases of the venture funnel, from initial exploration to early validation growth
Specialized operations
We support corporate-led ventures and initiatives by taking on specific tasks and executing with startup pace
Venture advisors
We help navigate the ecosystem and focus on the right opportunities to build and maintain momentum
What corporate partners are saying
“The Co-Created process - and more importantly the Co-Created team - made more impact on our intrapreneurs and their ideas in one week than I imagined anyone could make in 3 months. They find an amazing balance between EQ and IQ in their work and g round everything in deep acumen for the tricky business of actually starting something from scratch.”
“Co-Created is unstoppable. They can come up with answers or ideas in a week; they don’t have to spend years working on something, only to realize it isn’t going to work.”
“Co-Created are builders, they think at a really high level and are good at creating services that evolve and are relevant. They bring experience as complex problem-solvers.”
“Co-Created is very flexible - they’re open to having a discussion and fitting [their approach] to where you are in the journey and what you might need.”
The case for partnering on venture-building
Entrepreneurial talent & network
Access to proven founders, builders, and operators who have been through it before
Scalable resourcing
Ability to tap into the right talent for each project and ramp teams up or down as momentum builds
Venture structure precedents
Guidance around best practices for 
the most effective structures for new venture activity
Proven process & playbooks
Capabilities to ramp up activity and move concepts through your venture funnel with pace and confidence
Flexible engagement model
Ability to engage in a variety of ways based on your team’s needs and circumstances
Sandbox environment
Platform to quickly and effectively de-risk concepts that present more internal sensitivity by testing them externally
Co-Creating to harden homes and strengthen community-wide resilience

Let’s start building together

We're always excited to connect with corporate leaders aiming to innovate, 
think outside the box, and build new ventures. If you’re interested in learning more 
about partnering with Co-Created, please reach out to schedule a call.
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