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We are founders and operators at heart. We love what we do and see it as a true privilege. We take our work seriously, and have fun while we’re doing it. We are tactical and efficient, love being in the weeds, and are personally invested in each new opportunity we explore. We believe we have to earn our spot in every relationship and venture, and strive to live up to that challenge. We care about the people we work with and the opportunities we spend time on. We are intrigued by new insights, compelled by real problems, and motivated by lasting solutions with purpose.
We love the creation and early execution of new companies. Collectively, we have built, scaled, successfully exited, and shut down many companies. We have significant experience in both the startup and corporate worlds – from founding and growing early stage companies, to private equity investment and M&A activity, to launching new ventures and business units and building out innovation capabilities within corporate enterprises. We have spent substantial time in a number of industries, including financial services, cybersecurity, energy, healthcare, consumer products, and media. We actively advise, invest in, and support early stage founders and venture teams. We have passion projects in flight, ranging from wildfire prevention to early education, and we have authored more than a dozen patents across industries.
“It is a privilege to work with amazing companies and entrepreneurs to help them build for tomorrow”
Jason Brooks

Co-Created Partner

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