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Co-Created is built around an incredible community of founders, builders, operators, and creative thinkers and helps advance Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs) toward their next venture endeavors.
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Platform Benefits
Active, engaged, diverse community of experienced entrepreneurs and builders to riff with, learn from, and meet co-founders in
Unique opportunity to gain exposure to compelling problem spaces through our corporate partnerships and to get reps testing & building new concepts
Project-based structure lets EIRs flexibly optimize for time on their own concepts, exposure to new opportunities, and income to extend their personal runway
Personal engagement by and support from the Co-Created Partners for EIRs’ own ventures and professional development
Direct investments in EIR ventures through the Co-Created fund and access to a network of early stage capital
Co-founder and leadership opportunities for EIRs to step into and run new ventures launched, spinouts, and high-growth ventures in the network
What EIRs are saying
“After my last startup, this was the perfect environment for me. I had the opportunity to work with brilliant people on challenging problems, while still having time to build my own products on the side. The best part, I met my co-founders for Ro at Co-Created and made friends for life.”
Zachariah Reitano
CEO & Co-founder, Ro
“Co-Created is the first workplace that was fully supportive of me following and working on my dreams. I feel seen for my talents and encouraged to authentically leverage them on projects. Every EIR I have worked with is incredibly bright, kind, and hardworking. Having a side hustle is the norm. It’s an immense platform for learning and incubating whatever is ‘next.’”
Analisa Winther
Founder of Nordic Foodtech
“At Co-Created, I’ve had the opportunity to work on fascinating and challenging problems across every imaginable sector, and the people I’ve met have been exceptional — great collaborators who are supportive and giving with their time. EIRs are spread all over the world, yet I’ve so enjoyed the regular IRL get-togethers (happy hours, annual ski trip) that help foster the strong sense of community!”
Brian Levin
Entrepreneur in Residence, Co-Created
“I knew I wanted to work on my own venture after finishing my MBA but needed time to discover the right problem to solve. Having the time and space to explore ideas allowed me to figure out exactly what I was meant to build. That runway made all the difference, giving me the confidence and conviction I needed to start working on my venture full-time.”
Niina Al Hassan
Founder & CEO of Maven Curation
“Co-Created was the perfect place to hone my entrepreneurial skills and free up more time to focus on my startup until I was ready to pursue it full-time. The Co-Created Partners are extremely smart and continue to actively support us in the trenches with challenges that arise around product, fundraising, GTM, sales, and more. I cannot express how valuable it’s been to have collaborative, open-minded, creative and trusted advisors for our team!”
Kelson Quan
Founder & CEO of Wager Games
Meet some Co-Created alumni
Jacklyn Rome
CEO and Founder of Onward
Los Angeles
Currently the CEO and Founder of Onward, building the first financial platform for the modern family – first by helping co-parents manage and track shared expenses for their children. Previously launched Express POOL and a new driver acquisition channel at Uber and an on-demand delivery channel at Blue Apron.
Meeta Gournay
Co-founder of Three Spirit
New York City
Currently one of three Co-founders running Three Spirit (launched in 2018), creating non-alcoholic, plant-based social elixirs for fun and functional booze alternatives. Previously held a variety of roles to pursue her passion for building early stage businesses – including at Co-Created, Nift (legal/fintech startup), Tesco Telecoms, and several startups.
Tati Mercer
Co-founder of Three Spirit
Currently one of three Co-founders running Three Spirit (launched in 2018), creating non-alcoholic, plant-based social elixirs for fun and functional booze alternatives. Before Three Spirit, she co-founded BarChick, the much-loved platform for discovering the world’s best bars - so she’s all about discovering amazing cocktails, places, people and chance encounters along the way.
Stu Wilson
Co-founder and CEO of Radicle
Currently Co-founder and CEO at Radicle, seeking to transform how the world's leading companies navigate the future by tapping into expertise of the people transforming their markets. Formerly a venture capitalist and investment banker.
Alex Godin
Founder of Lemontree
New York City
Currently founder at Lemontree, a new kind of nonprofit connecting hungry people with free food. Previously launched several new tech ventures, including slash-hyphen, one of the world’s first slack consulting firms, and Dispatch, helping teams communicate about their work, which was acquired by Meetup.
Chloe Freeman
Founder of For Them
New York City
Currently Founder of For Them, redefining wellness for the Queer community with physical products and services, starting with a breathable chest binder and restorative serum, and Boycott Entertainment, a production company giving the underrepresented a voice. They have also built a career as an actor and previously held roles in Finance.

We are always looking for passionate founders, builders, operators, and creative thinkers to build the next wave of impactful companies with us.

Our collective is defined by its shared energy, curiosity, values, and passion to build, together. As an EIR, you’ll collaborate with the Co-Created team, other amazing entrepreneurs, and some of the world’s leading companies to tackle problems that really matter. All members of the Co-Created collective bring first-hand experience in and passion for early-stage ideation and solution development – they are smart, scrappy, and have a bias toward action. Whether coming (back) to us with ideas-in-motion or looking for inspiration, our EIRs are on a journey to find their next venture.

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